Lanzarote Training Camp (Club La Santa, 13th-20th March)

This was easily the biggest group we've ever had - 44 in total. It was made up of:-
  • 16 from York - Wendy, Nigel, Dot, Julie, George, Paul, Peter, Terry, Phil, Richard, Graeme, Chris, Dee, Erin, Michelle, Sarah
  • 11 from Leeds - Michelle, Lyn, Hil, Steve, Val, John, Julie, Pam, Alan, Richard, Mal
  • 9 from Morley - Gordon, Linda, Amelia, Liz, Alfie, Bill, Lisa, Carol, Rachel
  • 4 from Essex - Nige, Steve, Dave & Div
  • 1 from Sheffield - Steve
  • 1 from Southern Spain - Andy (but until recently from Leeds)
  • and 2 from Shanghai!! - Ali and Sherif (but until recently part of the York crowd)
    As you can see from the photos, we didn't just swim! As it happens, at least half of the group were actually triathletes, and some of them did a lot more cycling than swimming during the week. Steve (aka Tarzan, or George of the Jungle) got bitten by the surfing bug. He went on the surf safari 3 times - he was determined to stand up for more than a millisecond by the end of the week. One evening there was a 'Compact Golf' challenge between apartments 349A and 234A. Unfortunately I'm not able to tell you what Michelle said at the start of the first hole - she would literally kill me. But it ended up a belting contest - apartment 349A (that's mine!) won by 232 strokes to 231.
    One quote I'm allowed to put on here (I think) was when Hil said to Rich one day "Just looking at you makes me feel sick." Work that one out if you can! She was actually referring to the amount of physical activity he'd been doing, which she couldn't imagine doing herself.

    Click here if you want to download all the swimming sessions. It's an Excel file, and it's quite big (148 KB).

    I've put together two short video clips that you can download. Your best bet is to right-click, then click on 'Save Target As....', and then to view once saved. If you've got broadband access then they'll download quite quickly, otherwise be patient!


    Getting ready for the first session Alfie shows us how to do it


    My foot injury after medical attention
    from Steve and Richard
    A bit of one-to-one coaching from Michelle

    Wendy looking a little the worse for
    wear after coming off her bike
    Impressive stuff from Richard and
    Steve on the badminton court

    Dave doing the warm-up.... ......and Hil doing hers

    Hil trying her hand at skipping..... .....then showing us how to windsurf

    A serious game of volleyball Alfie wins his diploma for the long jump

    Start of the mini-triathlon Dave hands over to Div....

    .....and Lisa to Amelia An interested spectator (baby Erin)........

 Mum Dee finishes her leg Phil approaches the finish line

    One of the four York teams - Dee,
    Julie and Sarah
    Steve ('Tarzan') struggling in the
    advanced windsurf race

    Liz losing narrowly to Steve on the tennis court A quick game of 'compact golf'
    before we head home