Lanzarote Training Camp (Club La Santa, 3rd-10th June)

It was a smaller group this year - only 15. But I always say that quality is more important than quantity! As ever, some of us swam too much. And some people even managed to run every morning before swimming. Mad! Other activities included cycling, windsurfing, beach volleyball, badminton, lots of aerobics, squash, and even table tennis. Some of the highlights were:
  • Lisa being the first lady home in the duathlon; and then doing the half-marathon the next day!
  • Lyn finishing the half-marathon in a very creditable 1.31
  • Arthur finishing 10th in the mini-tri in his sandals - he'd picked up a couple of nasty blood blisters the day before in the half-marathon and couldn't wear proper shoes
  • Steve losing loads of time at the start of the mini-tri due to goggles problems; when asked why he didn't ditch them and swim without his answer was "It wouldn't have been as entertaining for the spectators"!
  • my performance in the windsurf race; well ok, it was hardly a highlight, but I wasn't last; not quite
  • Steve's cough - by the end of the week we were calling him "chemise de grande femme" because he'd gone on about it so much!

    Click here if you want to download all the swimming sessions. It's a zipped Excel file.

    Relaxing in the stretch class Dee & Erin at the pool


    Richard shows us how to dive More of the same

    Too injured or knackered to swim View of the cliffs at Famara

    Steve (eventually) finishes the swim in the mini-tri ......and sets off on the run

    Ready for the off in the windsurf race Briefly in the lead

    ...before finishing nearly last The posh meal on the last night