Club La Santa trip (22nd-29th June)

There were a whopping 34 on this year's trip. Less than half were serious swimmers. Making up the numbers were accompanying family members and friends, plus a few cyclist/triathlete types. Having such a big group meant that we were able to have 4 lanes in the pool each session, which made it possible to cater for the big range of swimming ability. It also meant that we could give people the option of doing a sprint or distance session some afternoons.

New this year, and a great success, was the team competition that ran through the week. The events were: quiz, beach volleyball, pool, gym tests, running relay, bike relay, minigolf, and fun swimming relays. The eventual winners were the all-conquering Yellow team.

One sad thing about this year's trip was knowing that Richard won't be able to join us for the next couple of years. He did really well to get there this year actually considering that he was 'emigrating' to Canada only 3 days after getting back.

Click here to download all the swimming sessions (Excel file).

Emma gets a flyer in the big 25m sprint challenge

Lyn tries to sort out Emma's front crawl

Alfie shows us how to do it

Anna volunteers to serve

Gordon gets a few tips from Scott

The girls doing dips in the first of the gym tests

Some impressive press-up performances in the gym tests

Anna makes sure Gordon does his squat thrusts properly

The start of the 4 x 400

Mike struggles to get his ball in the hole

Gordon finishes the bike relay on his 'kiddies bike'

...and gets congratulated by Lyn

Steve loses one of his balls in the tennis ball relay

Alice touches out Sarah in one of the relays

Nigel tries to walk on water

....and finds out he's human after all

Meal in the square on the last night

Rich demonstrates that he intends to have a good night

Sarah tries to improve her cleavage

Alice is early for training for once; perhaps she
should try going to bed at 5 more often!