Club La Santa trip (18th to 25th June)

There was another large group (42) on this trip, thanks largely to Elise signing up half of Manchester Tri Club. The swimming squad was the strongest we've ever had, and the same probably goes for cycling. The weather was the best we've had in many a year - virtually every swim session was done in sunshine, just about the total opposite of the previous year. And the good weather was certainly appreciated by the very dedicated group of sunbathers!
The team competition was a great success once again. Amazingly, for the fourth year out of four it was won by the Yellow team, captained on this occasion (but only in her absence according to Sam!) by Steve. Here are the full results:

Blue Green Red Yellow
Position Points Position Points Position Points Position Points
  Quiz 4th 2 3rd 4 1st 8 2nd 6
  4 x 400 4th 2 1st 8 3rd 4 2nd 6
  Boules 2nd 6 - 1 4th 2 1st 8 + 1 3rd 4
  Badminton 4th 2 2nd 6 3rd 4 - 1 1st 8
  Pool 2nd= 4 1st 8 2nd= 4 2nd= 4
  Bike relay 3rd 4 4th 2 2nd 6 1st 8
  Volleyball 4th 2 1st 8 2nd 6 3rd 4
  Mini-Tri 1st 8 4th 2 3rd 4 2nd 6
  Minigolf 4th 2 1st 8 3rd 4 2nd 6
  Swimming 3rd= 3 3rd= 3 1st 8 2nd 6
  Overall 4th 34 3rd 51 2nd 56 1st 58

There were some very impressive displays in the 4 x 400 relay. These are all the splits:
Dave D 1.03     Kate 1:17
Phil 1.03     Jeff 1.19
Steve 1.06     ZoŽ 1.21
Craig 1.07     Alice 1.22
Dave B 1.09     Lyn 1.24
Monique 1.12     Rachael 1.33
Pops 1.14     Margaret 1.42
Anna 1.15     Elise 1.43
Also, click here for the official Mini-Tri results. Unfortunately the Blue team don't feature - this is due to them being disqualified because a certain person had the timing chip in his hand instead of fastened around his ankle as instructed! However, we generously decided that their win should stand in our contest; let's face it, they needed every point they could get.
Click here for some photos (click on at the top for a full screen slideshow). There are hundreds more on Facebook, posted by various people. This year there there are also some interesting/entertaining/embarrassing video clips from the trip on YouTube:
4 x 400 relay
Dive starts
Karaoke - "Always On My Mind" (Russ, Steve and Mike)
Karaoke - "Take Me Home, Country Roads" (Gordon)
Karaoke - "Dancing Queen" (Anna, Kate, Rob and Dusan)
Karaoke - "Especially For You" (Owen, Gordon, Kate, Anna and Elise)
Karaoke - "Dancing Queen" (Lynda)
Karaoke - "Tainted Love" (Russ, Mike and Steve)