Club La Santa trip (17th to 24th June)

The group was one person bigger than 2009, with a large emphasis on families this time. Simon and Marie paid their third visit, and each time they've had one more child with them, Luke being the latest addition to the family. Then there were the Aspinalls, who included 12 year old City of Leeds swimmer Anna. We also had the Harris clan, with Connor and Naoise, 13 and 11 respectively. A feature of this year's trip was the overwhelming success of the team competition, due at least in part to the enthusiasm of the kids who basically wanted to do everything! So many people were willing to put themselves through the hell of 400 metres on the track that three of the four teams managed to field a B team. Then there was the boules. Last year so few turned up for it that one team had to borrow someone from another team so that they could take part. This time we had such a big turn-out that I didn't think everyone would be able to have a go! But after a quick change to the rules I think that everyone who wanted to did manage to get at least one game. Anyway, the eventual outcome of the team competition was that the yellow team came out on top. This was in a way predictable because the yellow team win every year - it's now five wins in the five years it's been held. This year they were captained by Gordon, but it doesn't seem to matter who captains them or who's in the team, they always win! Anyway, here's how it all panned out:
Blue Green Red Yellow
Position Points Position Points Position Points Position Points
  Quiz 1st 8 4th 2 + 1 2nd 6 3rd 4
  4 x 400 2nd 6 + 1 1st 8 + 1 4th 2 3rd 4 + 1
  Boules 3rd 4 1st 8 4th 2 + 1 3rd 6
  Badminton 3rd 4 4th 2 2nd 6 1st 8
  Pool 3rd 4 2nd 6 4th 2 1st 8
  Volleyball 4th 2 2nd 6 3rd 4 + 1 1st 8
  Bike relay 1st 8 4th 2 + 1 2nd 6 3rd 4
  Minigolf 1st 8 2nd 6 3rd 4 4th 2
  Mini-Tri 3rd 4 2nd 6 4th 2 2nd 8
  Swimming 1st 8 4th 2 3rd 4 2nd 6
  Overall 2nd 57 3rd 51 4th 40 1st 58

Click here for a full set of results, event by event (Excel file).
Other activities were also really well supported. In fact, we had so many on the first social bike ride that we were almost a menace to local traffic! The volcano walk, guided by Lynda and Gordon, was also a great success. One of the highlights of the week though was Gordon's rendition of "I Will Always Love You" at the karaoke on the last night. He was so bad that it was almost as painful to listen to as Whitney Houston's performance of it in her recent UK tour!
Click here for some photos (click on
the icon in the top right corner of the first photo for a full screen slideshow). There are hundreds more on Facebook, posted by various people.
Below are links to various bits and pieces that you might want to view or download:
Programme of events for week
Swim sessions (this isn't quite what we actually did, but it's not far off)
Mini Tri results
Profiles of group members
Group picture (high quality)
Social bike ride route