Forthcoming Meets

Info Entry Form Closing Date
February 1st-2nd Carlisle Carlisle pdf pdf 18/01
March 24th Calverton & Bingham Nottingham 04/03
August 6th-18th Worlds Gwangju, South Korea    Schedule
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If you want to enter any competition you have to be registered with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). There are a number of ways you can become registered:
 - the traditional way, which is to join a club; you pay your registration fee (25.50 in 2017) to the club and they then sort it out for you
 - temporary membership (15 in 2017); you have to apply separately for each competition, and it's subject to the competition accepting
   entries from temporary members
 - student membership (5 in 2017); this covers the academic year (October-September), rather than the calendar year

Click here to read more about the various categories of membership.

Virtually all of us who compete now do so for East Leeds club. If you would like to join East Leeds then email David Alexander at If you would rather swim as City of Leeds then you will need to go along to John Charles between 6.30 and 8.30 on a Monday night and sort out your registration with the Membership Secretary, who you should find in the Denison Suite right along at the far end of the balcony. You join the club as an Associate Member.