Session Times

These are currently the only official Masters sessions in the Leeds area.
Day Time    Additional info
Sunday* 06.30 to 07.30 John Charles


  19.45 to 20.30 Morley  Coached by ?
Monday 12.00 to 13.00 John Charles  Coached by Andy McIntosh
Thursday 12.00 to 13.00 John Charles  Coached by Ed Christmas
Saturday* 07.30 to 08.30 John Charles  Uncoached
* Saturday & Sunday sessions are often subject to change or cancellation due to galas. Click here if you would like to be notified of such changes by email.

As well as the above, there is an unofficial session each morning Monday to Friday at John Charles from 7 to 8ish. Note that Monday and Wednesday  from 07.00 to 08.30 are the only times the pool is configured as 50m.

Anyone can participate in any of the above - you don't have to join anything and there are no monthly/annual training fees, you simply pay-as-you-go! Having said that, it works out cheaper with an Active Leeds membership if you swim more than once a week. There are various versions of this. Click here for more info and prices.

The more serious/competitive swimmer might be interested in hooking up with a group of East Leeds swimmers who swim at David Lloyd's at Moortown every morning. Their session times are 06.00 to 07.30 Monday to Friday, and 07.00 to 08.30 Saturday and Sunday. Contact Karen Graham ( for more info.